Primary, specialty, & emergency care thatmeets all of your pet’s healthcare needs.

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Primary, specialty, & emergency care thatmeets all of your pet’s healthcare needs.


Casper’s Healing Paws aims at solving a key deficiency in the veterinary service industry which is high standards of care in neurology and rehabilitation for companion animals.


Uniquely solve the key deficiency in the market by providing comprehensive expert care to patients in pain, with neurological conditions, with acute and chronic ailments needing rehabilitative therapy and therapeutic plans customized to the pet’s exact problem.


All cases are carefully discussed with experts in the field to ensure the most accurate scientific assessment is made of the pet.

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Primary, specialty, & emergency care thatmeets all of your pet’s healthcare needs.


Your pet may undergo an EEG in order to accurately differentiate seizures from non-seizure

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What Our Clients Say

Dr Nisha has been a godsend for our pet Leo. Leo was suffering from a very rare spinal infection, the diagnosis of which was only made possible because of Dr Nisha's thorough examination of the patient and inspection of past records. From the state of hind leg paralysis we are seeing our pet now running, jumping and recovering beautifully.She invests herself completely in her patients and treats them as her own. Not only is she very competent, she is incredibly friendly with the pets and very approachable for the pet parents too to clear up any doubts they have. Would recommend her any day without any split second hesitation.

Pet parents of Leo

Dr. Nisha is an amazing doctor, she helped us through with our Buddy with so much love and care. We really can't thank her enough for all the support for us as parents and to Buddy who would wag his tail only for her after he had a stroke ❤

Pet parents of Buddy

My heartfelt gratitude to Dr Nisha who is instrumental in getting my pet back on her feet. A brain CT scan showed my pet Labrador with a brain tumour which was causing her to have frequent seizures. Petal was visibly in a lot of pain as well. That was when I reached out to Dr. Nisha who prescribed treatment which immediately improved the condition of my pet. Dr Nisha is very compassionate and her deep concern for the well being of my pet was evident in my interaction with her.

Pet parents for Petal

Dr. Nisha is one of the most competent, knowledgeable and empathetic veterinarians I have met. And having had dogs all my life, I have met MANY. She has helped to vastly improve the quality of life of my rescue dog, Chica, who lives with hepatic encephalopathy. She is always extremely patient and kind during all Chica's consultations, listening and answering any questions we have. Most importantly, she has a very kind way with animals. It's apparent that she is also up to date with the latest medical research and advancements in veterinary medicine. It's hard to find doctors like her!

Pet parents for champ

We've consulted Dr. Hameedunisha for our rescued pup, Champ who is possibly suffering with Cerebral Hypoplasia It has been a good journey to work with her towards Champ's treatment. For a long time we've been really stressed seeing the pup's condition as we couldn't find any veterinary doctor in our hometown to be well educated around this condition, and after consulting with Dr. Hameedunisha, we've been relaxed with their analysis and treatment suggested for Champ. We are still in the process of diagnosis of the actual issue, but I am really relieved in the process as Dr. Hameedunisha really helps us with the detailed analysis, she gives enough time to understand Champ's condition, his symptoms while focusing on the minor details, she even gives us enough time to address all our queries around his condition and treatment and everything. We're glad to have found Dr. Hameedunisha, surely counting on her for our puppers treatment and wellness!

Pet parents for Blake

Dear Dr. Nisha, I wanted to take a moment to express my heartfelt appreciation for your exceptional care and dedication as my pet's veterinarian. Your expertise, kindness, and genuine concern for my boy, UNO, has made a world of difference. Your prompt availability in times of need has been a true lifesaver. Thank you for being a wonderful vet!

Suniti Nevatia

I found Dr. Nisha by complete chance when I took a wager to bring my dying cat to her. She was not only able to diagnose my pet accurately, but also did so while being empathetic to my feelings and worries as a pet owner. She was reassuring, understanding, and discernibly astute in her observations. I really liked that she approached the diagnosis in a completely scientific manner, which was a surprise considering the lacklustre experience I had at other vet hospitals in the past. Dr. Nisha was always available to answer all of my questions. The patience she displayed was unparalleled. I want to thank her for the fantastic work she did for my pet

Pet parents of Lalo

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Dr.Hameedunisha Tajudeen passed her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) and became a member of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (RCVS) in 2017 and 2022 respectively. Her interest and passion for veterinary neurology sparked during her initial clinical years post-graduation. Which led her to enhance her skills in neurology via specific courses in small animal neurology and neurosurgery from the Royal Veterinary College of London. She has also interned in Cornell University in USA, Neurology Department of Cambridge University in the UK and Glasgow University in Scotland. Upon arrival to India in 2022, Dr. Nisha was part of commencing the Department of Neurology in Cessna Lifeline Veterinary Healthcare Pvt Lmt and was their former head of the department.

Frequently Asked Questions

The cause of neurological symptoms in pets can vary widely, including conditions like brain tumors, spinal cord injuries, epilepsy, infections, and more. A thorough neurological examination, along with diagnostic tests such as MRI or CT scans, blood work, and cerebrospinal fluid analysis, will help us determine the underlying cause.
Treatment options depend on the specific diagnosis. They may include medications to manage symptoms, surgery to remove tumors or repair spinal cord injuries, physical therapy, and lifestyle changes. The appropriate treatment plan will be tailored to your pet’s individual needs.
The severity and prognosis of neurological conditions vary. Some are manageable with treatment, while others may have a poorer outlook. We will provide an honest assessment of your pet’s prognosis based on the diagnosis and response to treatment. Early intervention and follow-up care can often improve outcomes.
Depending on the condition, you may be advised to administer medications, perform physical therapy exercises, or make modifications to your pet’s environment and lifestyle. We will provide detailed instructions and guidance on how to best care for your pet at home.
: Preventing neurological issues can be challenging, as many are not preventable. However, maintaining your pet’s overall health through regular veterinary check-ups, vaccinations, parasite control, and providing a safe environment can reduce the risk of certain conditions. If your pet has a genetic predisposition to a neurological disorder, we may discuss breeding considerations

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